Symbols have meaning. When you see a yellow ribbon, you know that person is expressing support for military personnel. A pink ribbon tells someone you are an advocate for breast cancer research. Despite the fact that millions labor under human bondage throughout the world, there was no symbol to show you care. Now there is. Wearing a Live Free bracelet lets the world know human trafficking cannot be tolerated.


The bracelet’s primary component is a large linked orange chain. The ends are joined by a plate that displays the message Live Free and a broken chain. The bracelet is made of light weight materials and slips on and off. It is made for Break These Chains by Opportunity Village, a Nevada non-profit organization known for its services and advocacy on behalf of mentally disadvantaged persons – a group that is often exploited and the prey of human trafficking.

It isn’t pretty. It isn’t convenient. But neither are shackles, beatings, sweat factories, farm gangs or dozens of other “chains” or conditions suffered by, or used to control, human beings.

Get it, wear it. Help us break the chains.

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