Break These Chains – Live Free is currently supporting and partnering with the following agencies in Southern Nevada that supply services to individuals whose services have been exploited through coercion, fraud or violence. Each is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We will be partnering with additional Southern Nevada 501(c)(3) agencies in the future. As the Break These Chains movement spreads to Northern Nevada and Northern California through the efforts of Soroptimist clubs in those areas, partnerships will be established with similar agencies located in those areas and net proceeds for bracelet donations related to those areas will remain with the local agencies in those geographical areas.


Serving Southern Nevada since 1977, SafeNest is Nevada’s largest and most comprehensive devoted to ending exploitation of human beings through domestic violence. SafeNest’s programs are concentrated in four areas of service: shelter, counseling, advocacy and prevention. Victims of domestic violence fall within a category of human trafficking often referred to as ‘domestic servitude.’

Salvation Army

Salvation Army’s Seeds of Hope program works with local law enforcement agencies, the FBI, federal immigration agencies (ICE) to identify and rescue human trafficking victims from their abusers. These victims do not generally suffer domestic violence, but are exploited by other forms of physical, economic or psychological abuse. Salvation Army provides emergency shelter and food, counseling services, victim advocacy and medical care.

Friends of Las Vegas Metro Police Foundation

When police officers encounter trafficking victims, they are often without basic necessities. They have been crammed into rooms under unsanitary conditions. Sometimes they are exploited children or children who have been held as hostages for adult victim cooperation. They need immediate clothing, food, toiletries, shelter or emergency transportation that are not included in the budget of a law enforcement organization. The Police Foundation provides funding for those immediate needs while a victim is waiting for services from agencies like SafeNest or Salvation Army.

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If you are involved in a non-profit agency that provides services to human trafficking victims or supports efforts to combat human trafficking and would like to be considered for donations from Break These Chains – Live Free, please provide the agency's information via email.

The following agencies provide services to combat human trafficking on a national and international level:

The Polaris Project

Not For Sale

The United Nations also maintains information about human trafficking