It’s known by many different names.

Unseen by many, it grows like a deadly virus in our community.

It spreads if the economy is good or the economy is bad.

Most people aren’t even aware that they participate in the activity.

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Our four Soroptimist Clubs in Southern Nevada have said ENOUGH.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING is modern day slavery. Join us to Break These Chains of human bondage so all women, children and men can LIVE FREE.

Our project is making a difference through:


Staging creative events and forums that highlight Human Trafficking to bring awareness that Human Trafficking, in all its many forms, is here in our community and throughout the world.

Manufacturing and distributing Live Free chain bracelets which are worn as a symbol of support for ending Human Trafficking.


Supporting legislation which increases penalties for perpetrators or provides protection for victims


Encourage support for organizations that directly combat human trafficking and/or provide services to trafficking victims. Each $10.00 donation earns the giver a chain bracelet to wear to raise awareness. Net proceeds are distributed to the project partners.